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  • How long do lash extensions take to apply?
    The time varies depending on the set you choose and the number of natural lashes you have. A full set takes approximately 1.5- 2.5 hours to complete. Infills can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete.
  • How long will my lash extensions last?
    With proper care, your lash extensions will last between 2-3 weeks before an infill is needed. You will need at least 40% of your lash extensions left to qualify for an infill.
  • How can I prep for my lash appointment?
    Please ensure your lashes are cleaned thoroughly before your appointment, ensuring all make up and oils are removed. Any traces of oil or make up will act as a barrier between the extension and your natural lash, causing them to fall off much faster!
  • How do I care for my lash extensions?
    1- Avoid oils 2- Do not wear mascara 3- Avoid heavy eye makeup, especially near the lash line. If you wear eyeliner, ensure its oil free 4. Use oil free make up removers and moisturisers and avoid the eye area. 5. Clean them daily with a lash shampoo/cleanser 6. DO NOT PICK THEM!
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